Supply Chain Sprint

A classic 8-bit game, updated to reflect the relay race that is modern supply chains.

QuadBlocksQuiz: Supply Chain Edition

Explore cybersecurity's most important emerging strategic focus with the digital era's most beloved game.

We proudly present the SupplyChainSandbox edition of QuadBlocksQuiz - a reimagined take on classic Tetrominoes where playful spatial negotiations are infused with real-life Trivia challenges from the world of supply chain security.

Compete against other RSA attendees to top the leaderboard and win prizes ranging from signed copies of Sounil Yu's new book to custom designed cocktails from an award-winning mixologist

Come to QuadBlockQuiz Celebrity Challenge (Tues 3PM Pacific) and watch cybersecurity rock stars be more fumble fingered than you are, or miss questions when the answers are right there on the page.

SupplyChainSandbox Trivia

Test your Supply Chain security logistics, policy and technology knowledge. Are you responsible for supply chain in your current role? Do you have what it takes to pass the test?

SupplyChainSandbox Jeopardy

Protecting your organization’s information in a digitally-connected world means understanding not only your organization’s immediate supply chain, but also the security of the extended ecosystem and all entities involved. The SupplyChainSandbox Jeopardy group is educating the public about supply chain risk management through an interactive fun and educational experience.

SBOM Mixology

The SupplychainSanbox Sipping Bill of Materials group's intent is to provide a Bill of Materials in a fun and educational way by applying the concept to mixology!

Beer Games

Several different interpretations of the classic MIT supply chain game.