Supply Chain Sandbox

Supply chain management is a critical factor of business success. As software increasingly drives business value, organizations can achieve greater efficiency, agility, and effectiveness - as well as security - by applying similar principles to their cyber supply chains. Vulnerabilities in components such as processors, network stacks, and platform dependencies have shown that supply chain visibility is shallow, while risk runs deep.

In a just-in-time-delivery world, cybersecurity disruptions to traditional logistics and planning. Not Petya halted operations for shipping companies worldwide, providing a vivid illustration of how dependent organizations have become on their partners’ cybersecurity for physical, as well as digital, assets.

The Supply Chain Sandbox is an interactive environment, with hands on games and demonstrations that illustrate supply chain issues, as well as concepts and approaches to manage them more effectively. Learn concepts like the Software Bill of Materials, a framework for pinpointing cyber supply chain risk, and other principles - all while having more fun than you thought you could at a cybersecurity conference!