QuadBlocksQuiz: Supply Chain Edition

Explore Cyber Security's Most Important Emerging Strategic Focus with the Digital Era's Most Beloved Game

We proudly present the SupplyChainSandbox edition of QuadBlocksQuiz - a reimagined take on Tetrominoes where playful spatial negotiations are infused with real-life Trivia challenges from the world of supply chain security.

Why Play?

Whether you're attending RSAC because you "sell security" or "buy security," you can't afford to pass on this love child of Tetrominoes and Trivia. More than abstract configurations of digital blocks, our Tetrominoes spin-off envisions the classic arcade game as a potent metaphor for supply chain cyber security. You can choose to let the blocks fall as they may and scramble to cope with the accumulated consequences at a later point in time, or you can utilize savvy forecasting and informational superiority to address each element as it appears on the horizon.

As recent events have shown, you are only as protected as the weakest link in your supply chain. Guarding your organization’s information in a digitally-connected world means understanding not only your organization’s immediate supply chain, but also the security of the extended ecosystem and all entities involved. Besides the obvious enterprise advantage of robust supply chain security knowledge, the tidbits offered up here will reappear as in-game trivia challenges.

Power Up!

You don't need to be a supply chain expert - this game assumes you are a novice and it teaches you what you need to know. You gain points by clearing rows as in a typical Tetrominoes game. Here's the twist - you can answer quiz questions about supply chain both to gain points and to gain powerups. No prior knowledge needed to answer questions as the question pages contain all the info you need.

Powerups help with classic Tetrominoes strategy but also are needed to combat:

  • vulnerabilities (unfortunate gaps in an otherwise functioning security paradigm)
  • licensing issues (extraneous blocks that gunk up the works)
  • cyber attacks(rapid changes in operating conditions that take over entire sections of the gameboard and speed the game up uncontrollably)
  • licensing lawsuits (tiresome procedures that gum up entire sections of the game board and slow the game to a snail's pace)

Just like in real life, information powerups can prevent attacks and address emerging vulnerabilities as the operational environment speeds up and slows down around us. Play the game and find out!


3 PM Pacific on Tues 7-June will show the rock stars of cybersecurity matching off in QuadBlockQuiz Celebrity Challenge. Come watch and learn that they aren't any better at this than you are :-).


Leaderboard bragging rights and a better knowledge of supply chain security are solid prizes in their own right, but just in case the thrill of learning isn’t incentive enough, we’ve curated a raft of prizes that are a bit more enticing. You may win an autographed copy of Sounil Yu's new book. Or you may win a zoom custom cocktail party from Mixologist/Sommelier Chantal Tseng.